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Apnimed LunAIRo Study

Apnimed LunAIRo


Study purpose:

A combination drug, designated AD109, is being developed for the treatment obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The phase 3 study is being done to examine the efficacy and safety of AD109 compared to placebo at 6 months and 1 year. The primary purpose of conducting this study is to show that AD109 is safe and superior to placebo for airway obstruction

What is the medication?

Combination of Aroxybutynin and Atomoxetine


Screening period: up to 4 weeks

Randomized, parallel-arm treatment period: Run in dose for 1 week followed by target dose for 50 weeks

End of study: evaluation 2 weeks post end of treatment period

You May Qualify If:

You have been diagnosed with OSA and are intolerant to, or currently refuse, positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy

Qualified candidates may earn up to ___ per visit. Transportation assistance to those who enroll.

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